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pattern for cheerful pants

WANDA Schnittmuster Hose Mädchen farbenmix

pattern WANDA by Fischersign

ROBERTA Schnittmuster Hose Mädchen farbenmix

pattern ROBERTA by MiMaraMundo

LAGUNA Schnittmuster Hose Mädchen farbenmix

Jeggins similar to pattern LAGUNA by Styna und Karlson

Pattern: Combos for girls

JOEY Bluse FIETJE Hose Schnittmuster nähen farbenmix

Blouse JOEY and  pants FIETJE by  Poggibonssi Couture

ROBERTA Hose ANTONIA Shirt Schnittmuster nähen farbenmix

Shirt ANTONIA and pants ROBERTA by bienvenido colorido

Pattern: Cool pants

ROBERTA by creative 4 kids

Hose ROBERTA Schnittmuster farbenmix

NENA by LinVins

Hose NENA Schnittmuster farbenmix

KIM by Taja und Kim

Hose KIM Schnittmuster farbenmix

BO by ZOE und TOM

Hose BO Schnittmuster Farbenmix Herbstkollektion 2011

Pattern BANDITO for cool kids

BANDITO for any taste:

Schnittmuster Bandito farbenmix Pulloverjacke

very casual by Schnieke

Schnittmuster Bandito farbenmix Pulloverjacke

Hearts and flower by Emily & Connor

Schnittmuster Bandito farbenmix Pulloverjacke

comfy girl colours by Dutch Design Kidswear

Schnittmuster Bandito farbenmix Pulloverjacke

using an old jeans by C-Fashion-Design

Schnittmuster Sweatjacke, Anleitung, Fotoanleitung farbenmix

by fishersign combined with pants pattern ROBERTA

Schnittmuster Fleecejacke, Nickyjacke, Anleitung farbenmix

made of fleece and reflective fabric by Zickzack

Schnittmuster Nickyjacke, Jungsjacke, Anleitung farbenmix

pirate style by Emily&Connor

Schnittmuster Sweater, Nickyjacke, Kindermode, farbenmix

kick-ass colours by mamachica

Schnittmuster Sweater, Nickyjacke, Kindermode, farbenmix

changed size 164 for a sz S by Frida Unikate

Schnittmuster Sweater, Nickyjacke, Kindermode, farbenmix

stylish in grey-black by Piccolo Cuore.


MyNata made a whole bunch of beautifully detailed pants – here are 2 of them:

Kinder Schnittmuster Hose, Anleitung farbenmix

pattern ROBERTA

Kinder Schnittmuster Hose, Anleitung farbenmix

pattern WANDA

Combining patterns

Lovingly sewn combos are eyecatcher and the singles pieces are beautiful worn by themselves, too.

To create a coordinated look use

- similar colours

- alike embroidery and ribbons

- the same fabric as an accent

for example. But TOO similar could turn out boring so try and mix up differnet fabric on a table and see if they match.

Schnittmuster Kombi, Fotoanleitung, farbenmix

Pattern FLORA and YELENA mixed by Püppilotta

Schnittmuster Kombi, Fotoanleitung, farbenmix

pattern BANDITO made as a shirt and ROBERTA, mixed by Didi

Please note: If you use non stretchy fabrics you should cut out the pattern a little larger!

Schnittmuster, Kombi nähen, Fotoanleitung farbenmix

Pattern SweetTONI, ULJANA and HANNAH beautifully combined by Mallofaktur

Schnittmuster Kombi, Fotoanleitung, farbenmix

cheerful pattern mix

Bunte Fabrics combined several patterns and ebooks and created a unique combo:

Kombi selber nähen Schnittmuster farbenmix

Beanie-knit cap FRITZI

Jersey scarf

pattern Shirt LENI

crocheted flower of the ebook Häkelsommer

pattern pants ROBERTA

Beautiful colourful knit cuffs: ebook by Glückskreativ!

(Deutsch) Fröhlich kombiniert

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(Deutsch) MARILUZ

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

(Deutsch) Amerikanischer Ausschnitt

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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