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Shirt und Hose nach farbenmix Schnittmustern nähen. Festliche Kombination.

Kombi nach dem Schnittmuster OONA von Lieblingsschnitt

Kombi selber nähen nach Schnittmustern. Hose YELENA und Shirt kleinFANÖ.

Shirt nach dem Schnittmuster kleinFANÖ und Hose nach dem Schnittmuster YELENA von Emily und ConnorSchnittmusterkombi selber nähen Hose BO und Shirt ZOE von farbenmix

und Shirt nach dem Schnittmuster ZOE und Hose nach dem Schnittmuster BO von now and again

Pattern: Combos

Ein Combo patterns are paying off because they are versatile. The parts can be sewn or worn seperately with jeans or a simple shirt…

Beautiful designs:

Schnittmuster Tunika Kombi nähen, Anleitung farbenmix

GREETJE made by Ela

Schnittmuster Tunika Kombi nähen, Anleitung farbenmix

WEEKE made by Blumen-und-Biester

Schnittmuster Tunika Kombi nähen, Anleitung farbenmix

OONA-dress made by Emily&Connor

Fill up the closet

A few inspirations how to fill up your girl’s closet, perfect for beginners, too.

Do every pattern twice, and the closet will be filled up with unique and colourful stuff  in an instant!

Schnittmuster Mädchenrock ULI, Anfänger nähen, farbenmix

Quick skirt pattern ULI by Katinka

Top nähen für Anfänger, Kindermode, Ebook farbenmix ESI

for little elves ebook top ESI again by Katinka

Top und Hose, Schnittmuster Kombi, farbenmix LORE Kinder

Pattern LORE – top and pants – you can do it sweet or cheeky, Nicole made a cool combo

Top, Shrug und Hose, Schnittmuster Kombi, farbenmix LORE Kinder

combined perfectly with short jacket KERSTIN


Perfect for beginners

Whether you like the dress or the tunic, the long or the short pants, worn as a combo or with jeans or shirt…pattern  OONA is fun.

Even beginners can whip up a whole summer wardrobe with this one pattern.

They grow with the child and they are comfy.

Ela made a pinkred combo:

Tunika-Kombi für Mädchen, Anfänger, Schnittmuster farbenmix


OONA – favourite pattern

We recommend OONA for beginners who want to dress their daughters individually.

Easy to sew and so versatile.

The pants can be cut short or long, the hem is pretty with ruffles, cuffs or cut as sport pants.

The top is a tunic – over a shirt or without a shirt ao cut as a dress like Herzenssachen did.

Top and pants are a pretty tunic combo. One pattern will make half of the summer wardrobe!

Tunika-Kombi, Kleid, Anfänger-Schnittmuster, farbenmix

(Deutsch) Pyjama – Party

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

(Deutsch) Drachenwelt, fetzige Applikationen

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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