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bag pattern URSHULT

URSHULT  is easy to sew: Sew and sew, embellish and embellish, turn over and

VOILÀ… two different bags are ready:

Schnittmuster Tasche, Wendetasche,

Bini´s Buntiges

Schnittmuster Tasche, Wendetasche,


Schnittmuster Tasche, Wendetasche,


Bag pattern USHULT

The ‘turning flaps’ style is what makes bag URSHULT o special. By just turning the flaps you can change the look of your bag completely in an instant. 4 different looks are possible with just one bag
A bag for any occasion, a great gift or kindergarten bag. AND: Easy to sew!!
Look at all these differnt designs!

Tasche Urahult Schnittmuster Anleitung Ebook farbenmix

by SauerStoFF

Tasche Urahult Schnittmuster Anleitung Ebook farbenmix

by DesignReich

Tasche Urahult Schnittmuster Anleitung Ebook farbenmix

by SiNiJu

Loved bags

URSHULT by stoffikus, made of favourite fabrics…

Tasche nähen, Schnittmuster Klappen zum Wenden, farbenmix

Rehkönigin is showing how to iron old plastic bags into a design piece:

Recycle-style: Plastiktüten zur Tragetasche bügeln, crafting

URSHULT- using unique fabrics

The flaps of bag pattern URSHULT are perfect for using up your unique and special fabric remnants, just like LouLu did:

Kreativ-Ebook farbenmix, Handtasche, Tasche nähen


Mialuna is showing us how URSHULT is looking from the side and you can really see how the two flaps are working:


Double decker bag URSHULT

Double decker bag URSHULT by Gitta is a real eyecatcher.

Just cat the flaps in differnt colours or fabrics and embellish. So the look changes every time you flip the flaps!

For a more ‘cuddly’ look use lining.

You can use wool or denim, outdoor fabric or whatever you like to get an elegant or groovy look.

Tip 1: Use old fleece blnkets as a lining.

Tip 2: The straps are easily made using the iron-on lining for waistbands.

You don’t need an extra closure for the flaps are closing the bag. That makes the bag really quick to sew.

Experienced sewers can stitch in a zipper.

Tasche, Kreativ-Ebook, Klappentasche farbenmix

Outdoor fabric, embroidered flap.

Tasche, Kreativ-Ebook, Klappentasche farbenmix

For the “other” side I used an old treasured fabric remnant.

So use your treasured fabrics or embroidery and appliqués.

As you can see the flaps are staggered, that leaves even more space for embellishments.

Since I raffled of a couple of URSHULT epatterns I’m really looking forward to more exciting designs!

You can download the epattern at the shop on Thursday! Have fun!!

Spring colours by Tanja:

Tasche nähen, Schnittmuster farbenmix

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