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(Deutsch) Schlüsselanhänger

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Tutorial: Schlüsselanhänger

aprilkind hat eine tolle gratis Anleitung zum Nähen von Schlüsselanhängern geschrieben.

Mit Webband, Gurtband, Stylefix und Schlüsselbandenden entsteht so euer individueller Schlüsselbegleiter.

Tutorial Schlüsselanhänger Webband Anleitung gratis farbenmix

Sewing class: Keychains and cell covers

 Karlas Chaosecke has pictures of the great results of a sewing class.

beautiful cell covers and keychains with colourful ribbons.

Handytasche NähAG Schulprojekt Webband farbenmix

Schlüsselbänder NähAG Schulprojekt Webband farbenmix

Sewing in primary school

Sewing even in large classes can be so much fun!

This is a letter the teacher in charge of a 3rd grade in Essen wrote to us!

Dear Farbenmix-Team,

Last week we had a project week themed ‘art’. The third grade chose sewing as their project. My colleague and I are sewing a lot and the children really liked what they were doing.

Look at the outcome: Every child made an elephant with your cute epattern. We had 10 sewing machines and quite a few ‘grown-up’ helping hands. As you can see in the pictures the children are very proud. Every child was photographed with their own elephant as you can see on our homepage. Maybe you can present this on your ‘Inspirationen’ page?

We also made more than 150 keychains. One third were given for Mothers Day, over 100 were sold on the presentation day. They even got orders for more keychains. We also made nice postcards with fabric.

No doubt your inspirations are suitable for primary schools even with big class sizes. “Farbenmix goes primary school” is working!
I sincerely hope you like our results and we can’t wait for more ideas for our next art project week!

Sunny greeting from NRW

Stefanie Welzel

Dionysiusschule Essen
Kraftstraße 8-10
45355 Essen


Maybe motivation for other schools? Look how much fun the kids had:

Nähen in der Grundschule, Nähen mit Schülern,

Nähen in der Grundschule, Nähen mit Schülern,

Nähen in der Grundschule, Nähen mit Schülern,

You can be very proud!!!!



Keychains make great ‘gifttags’ and are nice give-aways.

Leni Farbenfroh made some really colourful ones:

Schlüsselanhänger selber machen, Gurtnad, Webband, farbenmix

Material: straps and metal componnts available at the Author or

Tutorial: Little purse pendant

Beautiful and practical are these

round bags by Erin Erickson:

Taschenanhänger, Münztasche nähen, Tutorial farbenmix

enchanting gifts

Those little gifts are ready in one evening and will really delight someone:

Geschenke selbstgemacht, basteln, nähen, farbenmix

Little purse sewn by now and again

Geschenke selbstgemacht, nähen, basteln, farbenmix

peg bag made by Mondblümchen

Geschenke selbstgemacht, nähen, basteln, farbenmix

Herring scarfs sewn by Wonni

Geschenke selbstgemacht, basteln, nähen, farbenmix

Little money bags made by my-Zickzack

Geschenke selbstgemacht, nähen, basteln, farbenmix

not sewn but enchanted pickle glasses by luzia pimpinella

STYLEFIX : 3 great projects

STYLEFIX, is a doublesided adhesive tape for any kind of fabrics and textiles, that really makes sewing and crafting easier.

Stylefix, Schlüselbänder nähen, Anleitung, Tutorial farbenmix

Beautiful keychains with ribbons   by Gretelies .

Stylefix, Schrankborte kleben, Anleitung, Tutorial farbenmix

Ramtamtam fixes lace on her cupboards with Stylefix

Stylefix, Taschen nähen, Anleitung, Tutorial farbenmix

Stylefix helps sewing in zippers, just look at Hamburger Liebe.

DIY: Stylish key hangers

This stylish key hanger only needs two seams:

Schlüsselanhänger selber basteln, Tutorial farbenmix

- cut a stripe of tight iron-on lining, f.e.  30 cms long, 3 cms wide

- iron on the lining on a piece of fabric

- wrap the fabric around the lining on all 4 sides and fix it with STYLEFIX

- cut the fabric in a way that the long sides will meet in the middle

-glue a ribbon using STYLEFIX over the seam and stick the ribbon end between the two fabric layers

- sew on the ribbon

- fold the ribbon and punch a hole in both ends

- clip or sew on a button and embellish with beads or ribbons

- Karabiner mit Schlüsselring befestigen

Long tutorial but quickly made… just do a whole bunch of them :-)

Schlüsselanhänger selber basteln, Tutorial farbenmix

pink style with glitter hairband tied around the button:

Schlüsselanhänger, Tutorial, farbenmix


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