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(Deutsch) Kuscheltiere

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Crafting with LOVE!

Dieses Wochenende sind wir auf der HanseLife in Bremen mit einem kleinen Stand zu finden.

Neben der ZWERGENVERPACKUNG und der ZWERGENVERPACKUNG Vol. II, einigen Kleinigkeiten und Neuigkeiten, haben wir auch die beliebte farbenmix CD No.1 mit im Gepäck.

This CD contains loads of patterns, tutorials, aartwork and embroidery files as well as our pattern- und ribbon-catalogues. A great gift for every seamstress!

We have the farbenmix CD available and show you a lot of models for inspiration:

Look in my eyes…

The big cuddly horse is a great companion – for cuddling, for comfort or for carrying around…

…it even has a saddle!

comfy skirt

Cool turnaround army cap

…with embroidery design Matruschka Pimpinellskova…

Utensilo Box…

pattern and embroidery designs: farbenmix CD No.1

fabrics: Swafing

Unique cushions are the best

Sewing cushions are a great project for beginners.

Ebook PATCH WITH LOVE is great to use up fabric remnants, old shirts etc. Get it for free!

maritime Kissen nähen, Applikationen, Anleitung farbenmix

Maritime pillows by Stine&Stitch

Liebhaber-Kissen, Lieblingskissen, gretelies, Babykissen, farbenmix

Lovely cushion with ribbons by Gretelies

Eulen-Kissen, nähen mit farbenmix, Anleitung, Schnittmuster

Cuddly owl pillow by Elbmarie using  ebook LAILA.

Elefanten-Kissen, gratis Ebook, Anleitung, Schnittmuster, farbenmix

Huge elephant pillows using Freebook ELEFANTÖ by maramara


International dresses

Netherlands: Flowery Pattern ELODIE by Malulala:

Schnittmuster für Blumenkinder, Hochzeit, farbenmxi


France: Pattern SASHA for ‘Mom and daughter’ by Flugzeug und Nähmaschine:

Puppenmode nähen, Kindermode, Fotoanleitung farbenmix

USA: Jersey knit dress with farbenmix-bug fabrics by Bellabeco:

farbenmix Stoff, Jolijou, Schnittmuster, Anleitungen, nähen


IZZY for boys

Pattern IZZY is not just a wintercoat but very practical for spring and summer, too.

Kruemelz designed a gorgeous boys jacket:

Schnittmuster Kinderjacke, Fotoanleitung farbenmix

cute pincushion

Many seamstresses wear a pincushion on her left wrist to have pins handy.

Nancy designed a cute little hedgehog and you can sew your own little cushion after her freebook.

Cute little pincushion friend by Ines:

Nadelkissen für den Arm, Anleitung zum selbermachen, farbenmix

Frebook HEDGEWIG is found at the Freebook-page and farbenmix CD1.

Nadelkissen für den Arm, Anleitung zum selbermachen, farbenmix


Alina, 12 years

At the CREATIVA-fair in march I was happy to meet some younger seamstresses.

Alina came with her mum. She is twelve and told me how much fun she had sewing. Proudly she showed me her selfmade blouse and told me she even made an ElPorto-bag. Her friends think she has a supercool hobby. I gave her the farbenmix CD1.

I recently got a few pictures and I hope they will encourage other young girls to just start and try sewing.

Maybe this is the start of a brandnew colourful and happy sewing culture?

Nähen, Mädchen, Schnittmuster, Fotoanleitungen, farbenmix

Nähen, Mädchen, Schnittmuster, Fotoanleitungen, farbenmix

Taschen nähen, Mädchen, Schnittmuster, Anleitungen, farbenmix

Thank you, Alina!


Big cuddly horse in the meadows

The big cuddly horse of farbenmix CD1 is playing in the meadows at UNICOOM :

Pferd nähen, Kuscheltier, Anleitung farbenmix

A whole cuddly horse family is living at Zaubermaus:

Knuffelpferd, Schnittmuster und Anleitung farbenmix CD1

And now you can even embroider it – design by Susa and kunterbundesign ;-)

Knuffelpferd, Schnittmuster und Anleitung farbenmix CD1


Little presents keep a friendship alive

Some suggestions how little remnants makes great gifts:

Filz, Anhänger, Schlüsselanhänger ohne Nähen, farbenmix

Little tags made of thick felt with eyelet and keychain by fijn.handgemacht

Anhänger gestickt, appliziert auf Filz, paulapü, farbenmix, Rehkönigin

Emboidered or appliqued fish on a little chain by Rehkönigin

Tasche, Einkaufsbeutel selber nähen mit farbenmix Ratz-Fatz-Tasche

Ratz-Fatz-bag by Rülliswelt

Patchwork-Tasche, farbenmix-CD, Patchwork-to-go

Patchwork-to-go-bag of the farbenmix CD by JOOZZ!




Luck on the go

The proceeds of the auctions and the CD has gone on a long trip as  5 shelter boxes . in a few weeks we will learn where they ended up.

Spendenaktion farbenmix 2011

I want to thank all the participants by heart. The designers who provided their designs and projects for the CD (Bunte Nadel, Dimi, Hamburger Liebe, Jolijou, kleiner Himmel, luzia pimpinella, Stefanie RühleschnittreifstudioTantrum) and Huups!, Kunterbuntdesign and PeppAuf for promoting the CD, the farbenmix employees and particularly the successful bidders!

Spendenaktion farbenmix 2011


Christine of ARTig?! made the right motto keychain. I don’t think keys are needed for the shelter box tents but we sincerely hope that 5 families will have a new beginning with a lot of LUCK!

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