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Silvester: “Knallbonbons” selber machen

Die besten Wünsche für das Neue Jahr perfekt verpacken und zu Silvester verschenken:

Diese “Knallbonbons” knallen zwar nicht, beim Aufreißen kommt dafür eine ganz persönliche Botschaft heraus und bereitet Freude.


Leere Klopapierrollen, weißes Papier, Stempel von mymaki, Aufkleber, Paketband, Servietten, Webband, STYLEFIX

Einen Papierstreifen in Klorollenbreite verzieren. Klorolle mittig durchscneiden und mit 3 STYLEFIX-Streifen wieder zu einer “Sollbruchstelle” zusammen kleben. Klorolle in eine Serviette o. ä. wickeln und mit dem Banderolenstreifen verzieren. Erst ein Ende mit einem Webband verschnüren, Klorolle mit einer persönlichen Botschaft, kleinen Überraschungen und/oder Konfetti füllen und das andere Ende verschnüren.



Ribbon box details

We are happy how much you like the new ribbon boxes. Today we packed umpteens boxes for you but there are still some questions left.

Here is more information:

Webband Box,, Borten, Bänder

- all 10m ribbon rolls are delivered in these boxes

- the boxes are refillable

- they are available empty at the shop

- you can fill them with your own longer ribbon remains

- you can tie a bunch of boxes with ribbons, rubber bands or tape

- you can stack the fixed rows

Webband Box,, Borten, Bänder

On one of the four corners there is a small slit to pull the ribbon through.

Have fun with the new array!

pimped up tin boxes

Fabric covered tin boxes by Lillith Rose:

Dosen und Schachteln mit Stoff beziehen, farbenmix

Very pretty and easy made with fabric scraps,

with the help of STYLEFIX and ribbons at the fabric junctions.

Merry Christmas!

Remember the little postcard angel?

Some of you used it for xmas greetings, some used it a sn advent calendar and then there are really a lot farbenmix postcards collectors and exchanges ;-) .

And Silke made a whole winter landscape with the little angel:

farbenmix Weihnachten 2011, Postkarte Engel

The whole farbenmix team wishes you a merry christmas with lots of laughs and love !


Pictures not only for your sewing room

sewing druck, Nähzimmer, Grafik rahmen, farbenmix

Go find this slogan at c.r.a.f.t. in different styles.

Just print out, frame and hang onto your sewing room wall.

recycle-style: Bilderrahmen mit vintage - bild, farbenmix

You like colours and vintage?

Doro made a great Tutorial for recycle-style frames.

3 dimensional flowers are easy to make.

Tutorial: Nicely stored buttons

Nähkitz embellished a jar to collect buttons.

Maybe a nice present for a friend or your own atelier?

Knöpfe hübsch verpackt, Knöpfe im Glas, farbenmix


For the journey

Ebook Sleep and drive makes long journeys more comfortable. Moonlight Daisy made a beautiful one in pink.

Nackenpolster und Gurtpolster nähen, Auto, farbenmix

Journey log using ribbons – a tutorial by Kemper:

Reisetagebuch mit Webbändern basteln, farbenmix


Stationery and selfmade decoration

You can not only sew clothes…

Papeterie naehen, Anleitungen, Schnittmuster farbenmix

but covers and notepads like Nähkitz

Wandbilder naehen, Anleitungen, Schnittmuster farbenmix

Appliqued and embroidered pictures by Mädchenkram

Papeterie naehen, Anleitungen, Schnittmuster farbenmix

cardboard greetings – tutorial by flax & twine

Obstkörbchen nähen, Ebook, Anleitung , Schnittmuster farbenmix

Fruit basket by Nähkitz


9 days to CREATIVA fair

Have you stumbled upon our teaser at Facebook yesterday?

farbenmix-CD Crafting with Love 2011, Stickmuster Nähanleitungen

Some of you guessed right – it’s a CD packed with tutorials and embroidery designs!

farbenmix-CD Crafting with Love 2011, Stickmuster Nähanleitungen

I have to say ‘thank you’ to all the designers who provided their beautiful material!

farbenmix-CD Crafting with Love 2011, Stickmuster Nähanleitungen

There are things we will use for our stand at the fair, already popular ebooks and brandnew tutorials and embroidery designs.

At the CREATIVA fair you can get this CD for amazing 5 Euros. If you cannot attend, why don’t you ask someone to get you one? :-)

farbenmix-CD Crafting with Love 2011, Stickmuster Nähanleitungen

The big horse pattern is on the CD, for example. We adapted the cut parts, so it will sit and lay just the right way.

Pferdchen selber nähen, Schnittmuster farbenmix

decorated boxes

How to quickly pep up little boxes with ribbons, iron-ons and lace you can see at Peppauf!

Dosen bekleben, crafting farbenmix

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